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 I am a passionate technical writer with a Software development background.

I understand technical concepts and procedures and enjoy writing user-facing documentation that improves user experience with technical products. I am comfortable working with various programming and documentation tools and techniques. I enjoy learning new technologies and seeking opportunities to grow as a technical writer.

6 Skills Developers Should Learn to Stay Ahead of AI

An interesting debate is taking place about the influence of Artificial Intelligence on software engineering.

Some people think that advanced AI systems like ChatGPT will replace most developers' jobs. Others think AI will enhance developer experiences by taking care of basic tasks.

Whatever the case, AI is here to stay. Instead of worrying about AI, you can hone your skills to work alongside it. Here are some skills you can learn to stay relevant in software development.

Software design is t

8 Docker Best Practices You Should Know About

Docker is the most popular containerization software, but not everyone uses it efficiently. If you don’t follow Docker best practices, you can leave your apps vulnerable to security issues or performance problems.

Here are some best practices you can adopt, to use Docker features resourcefully. These measures improve security and ensure you create maintainable Docker files.

When containerizing your application, you must use a Docker image. You can build an image with custom configuration or us

CI/CD process with GitHub Actions

At the center of the GitOps tooling system lies GitHub Actions. GitHub Actions facilitate CI/CD processes using Git and GitHub. You can use Git Actions in DevOps to manage modern, cloud-native applications requiring fast and frequent updates.

While there are other popular tools like Jenkins, GitHub Actions allows you to automate workflows from the GitHub codebase. You can build and test every pull request or deploy merged pull requests to production.

GitHub Actions are workflows that trigger a

How to become a TSC Member at AsyncAPI

In this article, you will learn how to become a member of the AsyncAPI Technical Steering Committee (TSC). You will know how to contribute, how to become a committer (maintainer), and the benefits of being a TSC member.

The following areas are covered:
• What is the Technical Steering Committee?
• Why was the TSC formed?
• How to become a TSC member

If you prefer video, watch our YouTube video on how to become a TSC member.

Definition of common terms in this document:
• Maintainers: Are Contr

Kubernetes Quality of Service (QoS) Classes Explained

Definition: What Is Quality of Service (QoS) in Kubernetes?

Quality of Service (QoS) is a classification criterion in Kubernetes that determines how to schedule and manage Pods in the ecosystem. QoS prioritizes different applications based on their resource requirements. Kubernetes goes beyond container orchestration to process an application’s resources management and scheduled runtime. It allows you to specify resources, e.g., CPU/memory for your apps, in terms of requests and limits. The Pod

Reducing Docker Image Sizes With Alpine Linux Images

The size of a Docker image affects its runtime and the performance of your application. Small containers run faster, are easier to manage, and take up less disk space.

There are several ways to reduce the size of Docker images. In particular, you can use Alpine Linux images which are much smaller than the rest.

Reduce the Size of an Existing Docker Image With Alpine

A Docker image is a template with instructions on how to build a Docker container. It has everything you need to set up and run

Technical Writing Open Source

Open-Source projects require as many content contributors as they do to code. Technical Writers break down complex concepts for users to understand, adopt and use software technologies.

While this is true, many technical writers don't know how to effectively contribute to open-source projects as the developers who contribute code. One would wonder where to start as the code bases on GitHub and GitLab can be overwhelming for a technical writer with no coding background.

In this article, you wil

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